Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Music Video Finale

P1T8 Beach Walk from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
This will be the last blogposts of the year and i'll be taking this website and account down because then I no longer need it for any use. Also I don't like memories because I never had any good ones in general really and it's best to forget this account aka delete it. Plus if I were to blog personally wouldn't do it here, I'd do it on some other platform other then blogger because of how basic the layouts can be here (People can do some cool things with this tool but i'm too lazy to learn the advanced stuff.).

Anyways I need to get to the actual content my teacher wants me to write. I need to explain the story line to a song called Beach Walk preformed by Whitewoods. If you watch Pyrocynical then you must of heard this song in his intro. Ok so a female is trying to deal with break up so she walks alongside the beach because it's supposed to make you feel better I guess (I don't really know the lyric website told me so.). The way it relates to my lyrics is that the lyrics basically tell the story in a metaphor type of deal.

My favorite fast edit montage sequence is when I put my animations together and they translate smoothish. I mean it took way to long to even make those simple animations with simple art. It's not the most fun when your program likes to fight back at you and cooperate with you. It's also hard when you have to switch to your bad computer because your moving homes. So yeah I have to be the most a proud of the animation sequence of all things.

This music video showcases my best work (Not really if I weren't so lazy I would be able to make something merely decent.) by showing that I can actually edit. During my GT career I was that kid in the team who wasn't useful at all and could not edit because he didn't know what he was doing. Now he does know what he's doing and he's gonna make it work. I think that if I can edit this decently I would actually accomplished something else rather then nothing. So yeah I think that the editing part would be my best work type of deal thing.

Information our teacher wants us to put:

Song name: Beach Walk by Whitewoods

Lyrics that I used: She pushed her feet across the board walk
She keeps the sunset right with movement in her eyes
She knows she gets away with murder
Swallows up your heart of gold
And I don't know just where we've got to go
This sound is giving for the postman
Another one that's feeling under orange skies
The summer sleeps in time for autumn
Sticking down your leaves on grass
And I don't know just where we've got to go

I don't have any behind the scenes really.

I did a trashy job

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

P1T3 Friends Find Cheerios from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
These are our personal character traits that we use in our animation. Kynan is one of my team members. He is Happy and he is lazy. Another team member that helped me make this animation was Preston. He is Violent, Over the top, and Aggressive. Then there is me. As stated in the last blog post I'm lazy, Sarcastic, and Pessimistic.

We use humor by animating it. We make some scenes of us doing a really funny jump walk. We also make some scenes that make our faces all butchered up to make it comedic. And lastly It just looks plain ridiculous. It relates to you guys because without cheerios you guys would be no more (Dead). Also it relates to us because we like to adventure and do crazy things.

We never worked before so we all got mixed results. Our level of team productivity was normal because we had 2 normal people and 1 reject (Me). I wanted it to look comedic and good but the rest of the team wanted it boring stale and lame as possible but I was like no and I debated and got somethings my way. Our challenge was me breathing because if I was breathing the other two team members would say that you're wrong and your idea is bad and all of these other things but I didn't really pay attention to them. Our best moment is when we actually got our animation done because I didn't really like this project it was annoying because of Photoshop being horrible to work with and the deadline being so ridiculous to meet we basically were skimming by just to push out something decent.

Anyways sorry for such a bad blog post I wrote this whole thing in 8 minutes or less.
Also I don't have any behind the scenes photos yet or never.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Character Development

I am a Nihilistic, Lazy, Motivationless, Annoying, Dark humored person who does nothing but sit and makes things without any effort. I day dream a lot about just stuff out of the blue and really I'm just a person who likes to zone out and do anything else that I desire really. I just think i'm just an imaginative person and I like to day dream and normal stuff like that. I'm also really negative so if you're into that kind of stuff then I don't know, be negative I guess. If you consider this as "human qualities" then good for you. I like dark humor a lot and I think it's funnier then most types of humor out there or what I know of.  I know how to animate and program but I just can't really perfect it. I also play a lot of Role Playing Games because they make reading fun and story telling more interesting.

I'm going to exaggerate a few traits while animating my character (Aka me myself.). I want to exaggerate that I'm annoying but in this picture I look depressed. I also want to exaggerate that I'm lazy because really I don't even do much. I also want to express my humorous side a little bit because why not. But lastly I'm going to exaggerate my Effortless acts because that's what I kinda brought my self into.

Ok it's time to describe the step to step process of animating your character (Witch is required for this blog post.). First get a picture of your body. Cut it out and put it on photoshop. Make a puppet warp thingy. Move the body and open Animation tab. Drag the body slowly while making new frames. View it. Save it to web and devices. ??? Profit.

Friday, March 11, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

Our keywords connect with our audience by many ways. Reality is the horrible reality that we face as people living in this day and age. Funny connects with us people because in life there are funny moments to have and if you get to that point don't loose your opportunity when those moments come. References are basically things that mimic or trigger things that actually happen in our lives (Like a reference to us in the first world being enslaved to the internet.). And Horrifying is that it's horrifying that this or that happens but there is no way to control it at all.

My message that i'm trying to portray here is that stuff happens and there is no control over it unless we actually do something about it or something similar. It also portrays that you have to adapt to changes no matter what or you'll just get overwhelmed like Carlton over here. We also learned that being annoying to your Uncle only for a sandwich isn't really worth it because you do have the skills to cook and prep for your self (Right?). The message also tells you that not everything is a TV show. And the last message the Short tells us is that using a frying pan to solve problems just's creates more problems.

The biggest team challenge that we faced was that we had to play the roles of African American males that have lots of money. As you can see we don't spend too much money on a lot of things but we somewhat got what we needed. And of course we're not really that african so It was kinda hard to do their roles but we got around it somehow. I also can't really get the golf clothes that Carlton wears because I don't have a very big wardrobe at the moment. But I guess it worked out in the end I mean we could of did other ethnicities to act as.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

Hello and I'm back to using this blog. Yeah I was in a different school during my time of not using this blog but now I have to use this blog again now. Anyways let's get to the actual writing. The point of composite images are to add more elements or particles to one photo. Yes in simple terms it's putting a bunch of things together to make one thing. They are made to make one huge image that in the end turns out beautiful only if you make it beautiful. One picture for this case isn't normally enough so we use two or more for this situation. Well it wouldn't be composite if you didn't have a bunch of different particles or effects effecting your photo.

Here i'm going to explain the difference between polar panos and spherical panos. Polar panos aren't so enclosed and polar means pole so you'll have a pushing out effect when you make it. A spherical pano is much different. Instead of having that pushing out effect that a polar pano gives you, you get a closing in effect from the spherical effect. Well a sphere is a 3D circle so it will give you a circular closing in effect and the polar is one pole so it has that pushing out effect.

What makes my finished tiny worlds convincing? What makes it convincing is that I used natural backgrounds to add in that convincing shade of convincing. I also used surreal colors to make it convincing or something like that. I stamped in the lines so I can make it look more realistic then it already is. I also added a shadow to make it look like there is a sun and that the portrait doesn't look like a cut out.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Humorous Monologue

ConsylmanQ_Comedy from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

So far I learned that making jokes are time consuming and very difficult to do if you want people to really laugh. It's not really easy knowing that there are people around the world who think that the joke is funny and people from other parts of the world that will think the joke is not funny. Another factor on making funny jokes is that you have to know what makes things funny like a dentist office is not funny in general but once you add monkeys it's funny (I think that the dentist monkey joke thingy was not funny but hey! Everyone has their own taste of humor). You also have to test it on a lot of people and you have to find the right audience so the joke is most effective on this audience or that audience something like that.

What is padding? Padding is when you add an extra second at the beginning and ending of a(n) video. Padding your clips are crucial because if you don't wait for those extra (at least 2-5 seconds) then you could cut off the audio at the beginning or ending of that clip. Padding is used in a lot of movies. The directors would say action but make sure the camera was already filming 5 seconds earlier then him saying the word action. The director would also say cut 5 seconds after the actors on stage are done and 5 seconds have passed making sure he gets every last drop of footage and makes sure he does not cut off anything important.

My weakness in this project is that I have no Footage (B-Roll as they like to call it in my class). It makes it look bland and weak. My strengths are that I got all the audio in the video because I wanted to make sure that I had all the audio in the video so you can at least hear my "joke". I could improve by adding Footage (B-roll) to the video to give the viewer some visuals to look at. I can also make something more funnier/original so it's an actual laugh instead of using memes for my benefit. But those were things I could use to improve this "joke".

Friday, September 18, 2015

Comedy Writing

Having a sense of humor is an important thing for your character. With a sense of humor you tend to be more positive and happy. You also look like your alive rather then dead when you have a sense of humor. If you don't have a sense of humor you don't laugh much. You also may look like a walking and depressed corpse if you don't have a sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine some people say. I think it's used in a sense to relieve stress or pain or something like that. So please laugh away at anything you think is funny (In my case I laugh at many things, It just has to make sense or not be boring and bland).

Here are some tips on how to write a humorous narrative: Tip 1 Think of something original. Just try not to steal from others for your own use. Tip 2 Do something pop culture related, It helps a lot when building rep. Tip 3 You need a laughing track when your doing your narrative, It might encourage people to laugh. Tip 4 Comparing jokes to others will help you what is funnier and what you can work on and how you can improve those jokes in that field. Tip 5 Make sure to not make any faces, laugh or show any expression when doing stand-up comedy.

My comedic monologue is more like a hidden joke in a story. I was thinking of using some made up story and adding John Cena somewhere in the story for comedic relief. It's basically you'll laugh when you find out about it kind of thing. I mean honestly I have a hard time making up PG rated jokes (I don't really have that humor and I laugh at the dark and messed up stuff). It's funny because his name is John Cena (That meme will never get old). To be serious it's a person expecting a serious story but then he finds out it's a joke all along kind of thing. Yeah I don't have anything good for this project unless if my classmates liked horrible puns then yeah I would pull that off.